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Nandi Hills, Bangalore

I went to witness Sunrise at Nandi Hills on January 1st, 2013 with 8 of my friends. Our cab was booked for 4:30 am and since we slept at 2 after celebrating, we got up a little late. After about a half an hour of delay, we finally left the campus. I remember everybody being sleepy, and some even cursing the person whose plan it was! As we entered the Hills, we were greeted with a traffic jam. The sun had already risen when we started trekking up the hill and we were certain this plan was a flop.
Climbing up a hill, when you're sleepy, tired, hungry and above all expecting to be doing something better on the first day of year.. Most of us weren't feeling very good. We were laughing though, what else do you do in such a situation? Anyway, after cries of let's go back.. no more climbing and such, we managed to go to the top. And this was the view welcoming us! An ocean of clouds.. The most amazing sight I have ever seen!
All of us just sat there wanting to jump and try to swim in it!
Best New Year ever!!